Let’s jump into it

Hi reader! I’m glad you’ve found my blog, and I’m sorry for how empty it is… But rest assured, in the coming weeks, it’ll be filled with (amateur) music reviews, lists of my favourite new music, short bios on up-and-coming bands, and anything else I feel like posting! 😉

I’ll be honest — I’ve never studied music, and never written a music review before. But my purpose here is quite simple: to provide short reviews (and a summary of reviews from around the web) on music from Spotify’s New Release section. As a busy 20-something balancing school and work, I know how daunting it can be to pick new music to listen to, so I hope to help you find the best new music to listen to each week.

And yeah, it’s been done before (shout out to BIRP!, my favourite indie music blog/playlist site), but I’ll do my best to provide you fresh content and make things interesting each week.

Leave a comment if there’s anything you’d like to see here, and I look forward to jumping into this project for you!

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